Bizteque is a public access videoconference facility located within the Headquarters Plaza Complex in downtown Morristown, New Jersey. Built to meet the demand of our business community for high quality videoconference communication, our goal has been to accomplish this in a cost effective manner and reliable manner.  Now in our 12th year, we have successfully completed videoconference calls for hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of the business world. From legal depositions to executive search requests, Bizteque will ensure your meeting is handled professionally and accurately

April 2019

I have exciting news!

If you have ever used a videoconference room at Headquarters Plaza in Morristown, you probably met me, Linda Fedo, as your room coordinator. I have owned and operated Bizteque for 19 years and have decided it's time to merge back into its parent company, Headquarters Audio Visual Services, Inc. I believe this change will offer my customers bigger and better videoconferencing solutions going forward into 2020.

In the rental business since 1998, HAVS is a full service audio visual company capable of conducting large scale videoconference events, streaming services and more in addition to the basic conference room capabilities we have currently employed since 2000.

The location of the videoconference room in Headquarters Plaza will remain the same. I will still be coordinating your videoconference calls however the contact and billing information has changed.

I’d like to thank my customers for their continued business, and I look forward to serving you videoconference needs in the future!








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